Eat More to Lose Weight

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The reality is that you should never eat less than 10 times your ideal body weight in calories. For example, 150 pounds would be 1500 calories per day. If you eat less than that, after a period of time your body will slow down the burning of fat in order to survive. The scary thing is when people diet, they are often not consuming enough calories to maintain a healthy body. When people go overboard with dieting and over-training, it actually slows down their metabolism. It is much better to free yourself from a vicious cycle of deprivation.

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NEWS FLASH: Calorie counting does not burn calories, it just burns you out.

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As I mentioned before, too often people are focused on the number of calories, grams, exchanges and various calculations — a mechanical process. They check out the percentages, ratios and the body mass index (which does not take into account certain variables such as bone density and muscle mass). After all, we are all built differently.

Then there is the scale, which is just another set of numbers in the seemingly endless parade of calculations. Women in particular become obsessed with the need to be at the “perfect” weight and look like women in magazine ads. No matter how hard anyone tries it never seems good enough. In today’s society, we are bombarded with images of stick-thin people. How realistic is that? Or more to the point, how healthy is that? Just food for thought.

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Just the other day, someone asked me “how do we control our weight?” The answer is: There is no control. If you understand the power of the mind and the law of attraction, then you know that the more you focus on something, the more you will attract it. In other words, if you keep focusing on losing weight then you will actually get more of it.

When we try to control our eating by denying ourselves some of the foods that we love, it will generally “backfire”. So, reverse psychology is actually the name of the game. If you let go of your grip on deprivation and say to yourself “I can have that”, then you will feel a release of the temptation. When that feeling of deprivation is gone, then you may lose the desire to eat whatever it is that you were denying yourself in the first place.

In fact, there was a study in which two groups of women were given a plate of cookies. The first group of women were on a “diet”, and their intention was to not allow themselves to have any of the cookies. The second group were allowing themselves to go ahead and enjoy the cookies. In the end, the second group actually ate less of the cookies than the first group, because the desire to eat the cookies was not as strong as the group of women who were denying themselves.

The point is that if you try to allow yourself to enjoy foods that you love, and release the need to control your eating, you may find that you experience less emotional eating. Ultimately it is important to be good to yourself, and enjoy the foods you love. At the same time you can feed your soul in ways that will fill your heart and not just your stomach. As a result, the body will find its own natural weight balance.

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Lose the Scale and Lose the Weight

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I own a lovely bathroom scale. It’s digital. It’s attractive. It looks ultra-modern. And, my laundry hamper is sitting on top of it. Believe it or not, that’s where I intend to leave it. I’m reminded of this every now and then when I lift the hamper. Most likely it will eventually be donated to charity, or sold in a garage sale if I move or become motivated enough to have one.

You may be thinking, why is such an important and useful device hidden from view, wasting away without use? Because I have learned, through trial and error and the study of the mind-body-soul connection, that this gravity measuring contraption is not our friend.

When we use the scale, we start to identify ourselves by a number. And then the slightest fluctuation of that number sends us into a self-esteem spiral. At which time we may continue to binge in self-pity, which is counter-productive. (What is the perfect number anyway?)

When we let go of the scale, we let go of our need to attempt to control something that can be difficult to control. Besides, we need to look inside of ourselves, because that is where the answer is. When we feed our soul, we fill the need that was filled with food. Then we no longer care about the numbers, and instead, we focus on the most important thing: Ourselves.

Does that seem selfish? I don’t believe so. It’s kind of like when you are on a plane and the flight attendant says that in case of a change in cabin pressure, you should take some oxygen first. In other words, when you help yourself, you are better able to help others. (Such as your family.)

So, remember to take care of you – and not the scale.

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