How to look like a star: Get an air-brush.

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As you look at the actors and actresses who have the “perfect” bodies, be aware that those people have personal trainers and chefs who help them on a day-to-day basis to maintain that level of fitness. In fact, there was an article in which a famous actress admitted that it was not fair to the average person to compare themselves to her, since she had the time and money to invest in her appearance.

And don’t forget that many of the photos of the stars and models we see are artificially enhanced. This adds to the misconception that we can achieve that look. We should strive for health and fitness, but we can all drive ourselves crazy by trying to emulate the perfect air-brushed photos.

Unfortunately, some people go overboard trying to duplicate the image of a perfect body, and the result can be ill health. What usually happens is we begin dieting and yo-yo through life as we keep fighting to lower our weight — and then gain even more pounds back when we revert back to the same old eating habits after slowing down our metabolism.

Excerpt from the award-winning book Lose the Diet. Copyright by Kathy Balland. Get Lose the Diet now on Amazon!

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