Is Calorie Counting Crazy?

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Here’s a thought: Does someone who appears to be at a healthy weight count calories? Just ask them. The answer will probably be “NO.” But if you still want an idea of how many calories you can (or should) consume to reach and maintain a particular weight, the following is a “rule of thumb.”

If your ideal weight is 150 pounds, you would start by multiplying it by 10 to get 1500 calories (which is the basic amount needed for burning energy). Add another third of that (500 calories) for total energy expenditure, or the additional calories needed for normal physical activity. Add that together to get 2,000 calories, and add an additional 10 percent of that (200 calories) which your body needs to metabolize food. The grand total would be 2,200 calories per day, which may be more than you thought.

To put it more simply: 1,500 + 500 (1/3rd) = 2,000 + 200 (10%) = 2,200

So if your ideal weight is higher than 150 pounds, then you can consume even more calories to achieve that weight. But who wants to count calories? Calorie counting is not exactly fun, and who has the time anyway?

Instead, check out my other blog posts for more information on how you can Lose the Diet and the weight in a healthy and happy way.

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