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I recently read an article in a magazine that said that drinking one beer per day is actually good for your health, by lowering the odds of getting cardiovascular disease. Soon after I read that article, there was another article that stated that drinking TOO MUCH beer can lead to gout, which is a painful form of arthritis. Similar things can be said about many of the foods we eat, including chocolate.

However, French women enjoy their chocolate, right? And they seem pretty trim, so why can’t you enjoy it too? If you try to deprive yourself completely, then you might have a binge moment and eat too much. The key is to slow down, take a breath, and enjoy your food.

If you want some chocolate, then take a bite and eat it slowly. Notice the flavor and the texture. When you slow down, you can feel much more satisfied. It also gives time for your stomach to signal your brain that you are full, which can take 20 minutes.

The bottom line is: Eat and experience the pleasure of all of the flavors. Let go of the stress and try to slow down a little. Enjoy the moment, and you will feel more satisfied. Lose the Diet and lose the weight.

For more information on mindful eating visit the Center for Mindful Eating at: http://tcme.org/

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