For weight loss success, take a breath and feel better: ONE STEP AT A TIME

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Sometimes we are not feeling like ourselves. We may feel angry, lonely, depressed, or a number of other emotions. When this happens, we may wish that we could feel happy, and we may wonder why we cannot change the way we feel – instantly.

But if we look at the process of feeling better as gradual steps, it can seem much easier. Just try feeling a “little” better. And step by step, slowly work your way up to feeling somewhat better. With each step that you take, you are creating balance in the way that you feel. And when you feel more balanced, you are less likely to stuff the negative emotions with food.

Remember that we naturally love ourselves. Not in an arrogant way, but with a sense of self-respect. What gets in the way of that natural positive feeling, is when we feel bad about ourselves which counter-acts that natural sense of balance.

So take a deep breath, and if you are feeling sad, then just try to bring it up a “notch” so that you feel a little better. And then try to go up another small notch, so that you feel slightly better. You can also use appreciation to help improve the way you feel. That sense of appreciation can help to lift your spirits, so just think of something that you can be appreciative of. And hopefully, you will gradually find those negative emotions lifting and creating that natural balance that you have been craving.

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