Is your food “bad”?

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Certain foods can be labeled “good” or “bad,” causing us to place a value judgment on them. But food is neither good or bad, it is simply food. However, if we eat what we see as “bad” food, we feel ashamed of ourselves, which hurts our self-esteem. So why do that? Are we not entitled to taste those foods now and then? If you “beat yourself up” for eating the forbidden food, then you may want to really binge, and the vicious negative cycle of “bad” food and feeling like a “bad” person spirals out of control.

When we stop denying ourselves foods we enjoy, we can stop feeling deprived. We should realize that it is acceptable to taste the foods that we love, and eat those foods without feeling guilty. We, then, won’t feel the need to binge. We can choose to eat a modest amount and really taste and enjoy. We can find a good balance by respecting ourselves and our choices.

Excerpt from the award-winning book Lose the Diet. Copyright by Kathy Balland. Get Lose the Diet now on Amazon!

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