Here is what people are saying about Lose the Diet:

“I have read everything from Weight Watchers to Dr. Phil, but Lose the Diet is my absolute favorite”

It has really opened my mind to core values that everyone should be aware of. This book really gave me a new perspective on my self worth as well.”
Jennie A., ABookishMom.blogspot

“Lose the Diet is a valuable resource to anyone who has struggled with weight loss or weight management.”

This book offers what most ‘diet’ books don’t. I have read various diet books through out the years, and found this book to be quite different than any other.” – TheGoddessNextDoor.com

“This book will change your life.”

Kathy Balland has given me hope…This book touches on every aspect of our lives. It is well-planned and well-written. I recommend it to all who have weight problems and are ready to change not only their weight, but their lives, for the better. – FertileHealthy.com

“Kathy approaches dieting in a totally new and refreshing way.”

Not only a weight loss guide, but an inspirational book that will help many reach the goals that they desire, whether physical or emotional. Very well done! ReviewFromHere.com

“This book is a positive experience from page one.”

I hoped this book would be full of different information on the battle of weight loss and I wasn’t disappointed. I love the tips and techniques that are scattered throughout. I think this book has a unique approach, focusing on healing yourself to help you lose weight, rather than starving yourself or joining some fad diet. – Book Sanctuary, BCF Book Reviews

“I truly enjoyed this book.”

It is a great, easy read and the lessons to be learned apply to everyone that has ever had an issue with their weight.
Today is for Tomorrow.com

“I can hear you say, ‘oh just another diet book’.”

Lose the Diet is not ‘just another diet book.’ The book is more of an inspirational guide.
Allbooks Review

“Lose the Diet is a refreshing approach to weight loss.”

Lose the Diet is an exploration of the spirit and what it means in regard to losing weight and keeping it off. Advocating happiness and spiritual contentment as the ultimate diet plan.
Midwest Book Review

“I would highly recommend this book”

to anyone looking to help with their weight loss efforts as well as anyone battling stress or struggling with life in general.”

“The author approaches weight and happiness in a new way.”

Lose the Diet by Kathy Balland is a very good, easy to read book with a lot of great insight.” – Reader Views

“Kathy’s book takes us to another level,”
the core level where issues manifest. I totally agree with her! Well researched, Lose the Diet WILL transform your life.”
Irene Watson, author of The Sitting Swing

“Lose the Diet is such a must have book.”

Grab this book today for a healthier new you inside and out!
Deb Bailey, Power Women Magazine & Radio Show

“Lose the Diet is filled with realistic advice,”
and excellent “how to” exercises to begin the process of healing for successful long term weight loss.”
Cindy Posey, Go Workout Mom

“Kathy Balland has produced a book worth the read”

and perhaps worth applying even for those who have issues other than weight. It is an easy read with logical chapters that leads the reader through a consistent process – certainly a step up from the diets she is telling us to chuck out.”
The Book Rack

“Like you, I have tried them all: DIETS… until I had met Kathy and realized, was I feeding my body or my emotions?

Re-connecting with myself was a big lesson for me, as Kathy’s book pointed out. She gave me insight into this process, and pounds began to melt away without struggle.

A new way of nurturing my body has been a pleasure and a delight.”
Debra R. Williams

“Living a healthy life is very important, everyone knows that, but knowing and doing are two different things. For me I knew I needed to be better but it took me a long time to find my path to getting there. Three years ago I began a journey that resulted in losing 65 pounds. I went from a size 22, 24 to a size 14 today. I had begun my weight loss journey when I had my first session with Kathy. I am an emotional, stress eater and found my session with Kathy to be very relaxing. It allowed me to work towards my continuing weight loss goals. During our first season and additional discussions I found Kathy to be very knowledgeable about weight loss and the reasons why people over eat. It has been a joy to work with Kathy and gain from her knowledge and experience!

Thanks for everything Kathy”! -Christi H.

“After reading a lot of this book I was like wow, Kathy is telling people basically the things that I have taught myself in my journey… I decided that I needed a lifestyle change for myself and for my children. I wanted to be able to watch them grow up and be a part of it and not just from the sidelines. I want to be an active part of their lives. Not only have I lost over a hundred pounds, but emotionally I have gained self worth and I have found myself again.” – Lynnell Thomas, Phoenix, AZ

“I’ve lost the diet (haven’t finished the book yet) but I’m down 5 pounds since I saw you simply by connecting with myself.” – Janet Minix

“Lose the Diet provides valuable insight that will help you finally achieve and maintain a healthy weight. Stop your dieting, and start reading this book!” — MARCI SHIMOFF, #1 New York Times bestselling author, Happy for No Reason and Chicken Soup for the Woman’s Soul, featured teacher in The Secret

“Once you discover Kathy Balland’s recipe to get control of your weight and health, you’ll never diet again!” — NADJA PIATKA, author, inspirational speaker and founder of Nadja Foods

“Lose the Diet lets you start living the joyful life you are meant to have. Kathy Balland will help you get on the right track!”
— LARRY JAMES, author of How to
Really Love the One You’re With

“Thank you for all your emails as they have helped me lose 34 lbs to date. Much appreciated.” Selke

To get your autographed copy of the award-winning book: Lose the Diet for only $19.95 (FREE shipping), please contact the author at: (480) 688-3924


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