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Michelle Aguillar, winner of the Biggest Loser said: “I remember standing on the scale, trembling on the inside, thinking, I hope nobody sees how freaked out I am. Now I’m like, you want to put my weight on my shirt? I’ll do it. It’s just a number, it doesn’t define me.”

In our society, It can be very easy to get caught up in the numbers. After all, almost everything we eat is labeled. (Except for natural whole foods.) We can become obsessed with the calories, carbs, fat grams, etc. Did our ancestors from years ago have that information? Of course not. And the level of obesity back then was less than it is now.

It would seem that the most “important” number of all, is the number on your bathroom scale. But what does that number signify? Gravity? Even nutritionists admit the body mass index (which tells us what our weight “should” be) is innacurate. That index does not take into account your muscle mass and bone density. After all, you are unique. There is absolutely no one like you.

The truth is, you are a powerful spiritual being with dignity, direction and purpose. And in reality – you are three parts: Mind, Body and Soul. But when you become highly focused on the numbers, it can become easy to lose sight of who you really are. That sense of being disconnected from who you are can lead to the weight imbalance.

The key to finding balance is to start by letting go of your grip on the numbers and the deprivation, which can negatively impact your body/mind/soul, and will result in the yo-yo effect if weight loss followed by weight gain. Instead, take a look at your needs, and how you feel on the inside. That will help you to begin to satisfy yourself from the inside out. And ultimately, your eating habits will become more balanced and so will your weight.

It’s time to lose the diet. Stop calculating, and start connecting.

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