WHY DIETING BACKFIRES, and why you must reconnect for weight loss success

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The Yo-Yo affect of weight loss followed by weight gain is more detrimental to the body than simply remaining obese. (The weight loss followed by weight gain is actually more stressful to the body than staying overweight.) Here is why dieting causes the yo-yo effect:

At the physical level, when we stop eating the body creates a genesis enzyme that “sticks” the fat together, making it more difficult to release the fat into the bloodstream so that it can be used as energy. (The body does this because it is trying to conserve energy due to the lack of food.) This is why it is important to eat regularly to keep the metabolism going.

At the mental level, we are really being driven by the subconscious mind which is 88% of our mind. The subconscious is where our habits and emotions are, and those emotions really drive the binge-eating. But also, the subconscious mind does not process negatives. So if you tell yourself “I’m not going to eat that” the subconscious hears “I am going to eat that”, so the more you try to deprive yourself, the more you are going to crave it. And even though you may not consciously want something, the subconscious will want it – and it will win every time.

This is why it is important to let go of the diets and deprivation, and simply get in touch with the emotions, stress, lack of sleep, or whatever it is that is actually driving the binge-eating. When we learn to let go of the diet pills, diet food and fad diets (the not-so-quick fixes) and get in touch with ourselves, then we can find the real answers. The book Lose the Diet can show you how. Get it now at: http://www.amazon.com/Lose-Diet-Transform-Connecting-Soul/dp/0982183100/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1277592174&sr=8-1

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