Eat to Lose Weight

February 9, 2011 by  
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How do you eat to burn the fat? Eating regularly has a tendency to keep the metabolism going. Skipping breakfast is not recommended. If breakfast is skipped, then it puts the body in fasting mode, which slows down the metabolism. (That is why they call it break-fast.)

The problem with fasting is the body has a tendency to think there is a famine going on, and it begins to find ways to store fat (in case of an emergency). It does this by making a genesis enzyme that causes the fat to sort of “stick together,” so that it stays in the fat cell, and does not get released into the blood stream. If it is not released into the bloodstream, then it cannot be used as energy. Starvation and deprivation are no help in winning the weight battle.

To stop the vicious cycle, try spreading your meals out. It is also better than eating too much at once, because if you consume too much in one sitting, it results in the storage of more fat. Several smaller meals (like five per day) is a better way to keep the metabolism going. In other words, snacking isn’t such a bad thing. If your stomach is growling and you feel hungry, it is better to put something in it to keep the metabolism going. And, you never feel deprived. Isn’t that great?


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