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To get your autographed copy of the award-winning book: Lose the Diet for $27.00 (includes shipping), click the Buy Now button and pay safely through Paypal:

Kathy Balland’s CDs provide daily inspiration to help you reach your goal. Her “driving” CDs can be played while you are in the car, to give you the positive thoughts you need to help you on your drive for success. So why not make good use of your drive time today? Also, check out her guided meditation CD: Beach Reunion. With soothing ocean sounds, it will allow you to relax, and reconnect with yourself and/or a loved one.

A sample of each CD can be listened to by clicking on the CD, which will take you to the CD Baby website. From there you can click on the arrow in the Tracks section on the left side of the page. Then you can purchase the CD or download it. (Also available on iTunes.)

Drive Your Weight Down:
With positive thoughts and affirmations, this CD provides weight management while you drive.


Drive Your Success Up!:
As your coach, Kathy provides positive thoughts on your drive to reach your goal.


Beach Reunion:
This guided meditation CD contains soothing oceans sounds to relax you, sothat you can imagine re-connecting with a loved one – or just simply re-connect with yourself!


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