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The following article is more evidence of the power of the mind-body connetion.

It’s true, dieting can actually trigger you to overeat.

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There have been thousands of diets, yet there has not been one diet that ultimately works because, for one thing, it is not possible to maintain someone else’s way of eating. If you grew up eating your family’s ethnic food, and now, you are not allowed to eat that food because it is not on some diet plan, you are not being true to yourself. It doesn’t feel right, because the diet is not about who you really are. There is a sense of a loss of identity, and eventually you must go off of the diet to return to “homeostasis” or your true self.

“Dieting” can actually trigger us to overeat. We can become overly focused on not allowing ourselves to have food by saying things like “I want that, but I can’t eat it.” In the end, we wind up wanting it even more because of feeling so deprived. When we suddenly allow ourselves to eat the “forbidden” food, we usually indulge because it is so special to us. It tastes so good we gorge ourselves and end up back where we started.

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It’s time to see the light. Can someone flip the switch??

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Perhaps our society is beginning to see the light. Nowadays, even bariatric specialists (doctors who treat people for obesity) are beginning to approach obesity from various fronts, under­standing that there is a mind-body connection. Physicians are now working with patients to learn about their motivations and values. They may discuss self-nurturing habits and healthy new routines, and help to create an attitude that maximizes the mind-body connection.

I want to show you how you can make the mind-body-soul connection. In the following chapters I will offer insight and suggestions that have been effective, and have given people a choice — a choice to live more healthy lives while enjoying the food they eat.

Excerpt from the award-winning book Lose the Diet. Copyright by Kathy Balland. Get Lose the Diet now on Amazon!

I’m not a binge-eater. No, I don’t know where that cake went…

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Then there are eating disorders such as binge-eating, where people eat large quantities of food in a short period of time, while feeling out of control. There is muscle dysmorphia. This is caused by men who work out to excess, while consuming large amounts of protein to build a bigger body. They may even resort to steroids. Yet, they never seem to feel adequate as they continue on their relentless quest to obtain even bigger muscles.

At the other end of the spectrum are the anorexics and bulemics. Those people who try desperately to maintain an abnormally low weight. They may not realize that they are slowly starving themselves to the point of non­existence, either by not eating enough food, or by binge-eating and purging.

Also, there are women who take “staying in shape” to extremes. They, too, maintain a dangerously low body weight, as they virtually exercise themselves to death. Like anorexia, their body becomes so out of balance that they are no longer menstruating. This disorder is known as “female athlete syndrome.”

The amazing fact about these eating disorders, where people maintain a dangerously low weight, only exists in industrialized nations, and most particularly in the U.S. In less developed countries, people do not seem to have the need to starve themselves. So, why is there such an imbalance in our society? What’s going on?

There are many things that are used or done to excess in today’s world. The emptiness that is felt from the stress and strain that our modern lifestyle creates has resulted in people trying to fill their emptiness in various ways. From drugs and alcohol to credit card abuse and living beyond our means, while trying to satisfy our soul with food. However, the emptiness still remains.

Excerpt from the award-winning book Lose the Diet. Copyright by Kathy Balland. Get Lose the Diet now on Amazon!

No problem. The weight issue is under control. (Sure it is.)

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Now there are more overweight people in America than average-weight people. So overweight people are now average. Which means you’ve met your New Year’s resolution. – Jay Leno

If you look at today’s society, you’ll become aware of how overweight people have generally become. From talk shows to news programs, weight is a constant topic. Obesity has continued to be on the rise, becoming one of the main threats to health. The Obesity Action Coalition reports that obesity impacts one in four Americans. It is estimated that more than 93 million Americans are obese, and that number is predicted to increase to 120 million in the next five years.

The resulting healthcare costs are enormous (in the hundreds of billions). But why is there increasing obesity when there are more diet books and programs on the market every day? There is a ton (excuse the pun) of information out there. But, why isn’t it working?

Dieting people are focused on the numbers— the pounds, calories, carbs, fat grams, etc. obesity still seems to be a problem. Maybe it is time to lose the diet and throw away the scale and forget the numbers. The obsession with numbers is not really controlling the weight problem instead it is a loss of control.

Excerpt from the award-winning book Lose the Diet. Copyright by Kathy Balland. Get Lose the Diet now on Amazon!


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I recently read an article in a magazine that said that drinking one beer per day is actually good for your health, by lowering the odds of getting cardiovascular disease. Soon after I read that article, there was another article that stated that drinking TOO MUCH beer can lead to gout, which is a painful form of arthritis. Similar things can be said about many of the foods we eat, including chocolate.

However, French women enjoy their chocolate, right? And they seem pretty trim, so why can’t you enjoy it too? If you try to deprive yourself completely, then you might have a binge moment and eat too much. The key is to slow down, take a breath, and enjoy your food.

If you want some chocolate, then take a bite and eat it slowly. Notice the flavor and the texture. When you slow down, you can feel much more satisfied. It also gives time for your stomach to signal your brain that you are full, which can take 20 minutes.

The bottom line is: Eat and experience the pleasure of all of the flavors. Let go of the stress and try to slow down a little. Enjoy the moment, and you will feel more satisfied. Lose the Diet and lose the weight.

For more information on mindful eating visit the Center for Mindful Eating at:

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When I have worked with hypnotherapy clients, I have discovered that the number one issue that people want help with is weight loss. In fact, obesity has become a crisis in the US. More than one third of US adults – over 72 million people in addition to 16% of US children are obese. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, since 1980 obesity rates for adults have doubled and rates for children have tripled. And obesity has led to other health issues.

Even though we know everything there is to know about calories, carbs, fats, proteins and how much we “should” weigh, the problem keeps getting worse. I wanted to talk about why that is, and provide tips and tools so that people can achieve permanent weight management success.

First of all, diets are impossible to maintain, and therefore cause the Yo-Yo affect of weight loss followed by weight gain, which is more detrimental to the body than simply remaining obese. (The weight loss followed by weight gain is actually more stressful to the body than staying overweight.)

Here is why dieting causes the yo-yo effect:
At the physical level, when you stop eating your body creates a genesis enzyme that “sticks” the fat together, making it more difficult to release the fat into the bloodstream so that it can be used as energy. (Your body does this because it is trying to conserve energy due to the lack of food.) This is why it is important to eat regularly to keep the metabolism going.

At the mental level, we are really being driven by our subconscious mind which is 88% of our mind. (I refer to it as the “soul”.) The subconscious is where our habits and emotions are, and those emotions really drive the binge-eating. But also, the subconscious mind does not process negatives. So if you tell yourself “I’m not going to eat that” the subconscious hears “I am going to eat that”, so the more you try to deprive yourself, the more you are going to crave it. And even though you may not consciously want something, the subconscious will want it – and it will win every time.

When we learn to let go of the diet pills, diet food and fad diets (the not-so-quick fixes) and get in touch with ourselves, then we can find the real answers. Lose the Diet shows you how.


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